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Our History

With the size of our business now being bigger than ever, combined the Elite Roofing Company employs over 30 skilled specialists, craftspeople, and technicians. Throughout all the roofing works we do we always use the newest equipment and technologies,to ensure our people have the tools they need to produce superior results.

Importantly, We’re a Family-Owned Roofing Company!

Established in 1984 by William F. Bonkers, the Elite Roofing’s reputation for quality and service has been fully proven over that span of more than 30 years, with a strong dedication to our customers, employees, suppliers, and our community. Currently, our company remains privately owned and operate today under the leadership of Bill Jebajja.

From our headquarters in NC, we are able to serve clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and more!

Our Services


For residential houses, commercial and office buildings, the issue of the roof leaks stays relevant as long as the rain is still going.

Gutters Cleaning

There’s no part of the roof system more crucial for your building safety during the rain, than the gutters.

Skylights Installing

Are you bored with your regular roof, which sometimes leaks and creaks loudly if a strong wind is raging outside?

Residential Roofing

Most usually a residential roofing lasts to 20 years, which means that a major percentage of houses has its roofs nearing the “end of its lifecycle”.

Commercial Roofing

While working with fixing residential roofs is not easy at all, repairing or installing a roof for a commercial building can become a real challenge.

Industrial Roofing

Any factory plant, a warehouse or other industrial-grade manufacturing or storage facility needs to be as protected as possible.